Physician & Group Practice

Reducing Risk, Increasing Productivity and Boosting Profits

HealthPort Release of Information (ROI) services enhance the financial and administrative performance of physician and group practices by facilitating the entire medical record request process. Our flexible service delivery levels range from full outsourcing options to partnership arrangements. Remote ROI℠ is an option that allows us to process requests from our remote processing center via secure, remote access to your electronic health record (EHR).   

If your practice is trying to meet Meaningful Use (MU), working with us to respond to requests for electronic copies of medical records within three business days can alleviate concerns about this core requirement.

Our commitment to compliance, state-of-the-art technology and superior service will help you reduce paperwork and risk while saving time and money.

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HealthPort offers the following flexible solutions:

Release of Information

On-Site ROI: Outsource the entire release of information function to us for a fully compliant, HIPAA-certified, standardized process. HealthPort staff manages the entire process from receiving the request and providing customer service to fulfillment, invoicing and collecting payment. In addition, our fully outsourced offering increases productivity while your facility enjoys a cost reduction through efficiencies and redirection of FTEs.

ROI Partner: use your own in-house staff to fulfill medical records in conjunction with HealthPort release of information technology. HealthPort ROI Partner℠ gives you a secure, compliant solution to prevent breaches and reduce risk. Our partner service level also offers a revenue sharing opportunity.

Remote ROI: By gaining secure, remote access to your electronic health record, we can process all medical record requests from our remote processing center in Alpharetta, GA.  This allows you to reallocate space and resources to revenue producing functions and further speeds turnaround time of all requests.

Release of Information for the Business Office: Focus on claims management while still fulfilling requests in a compliant, timely manner

Audit Relief

HealthPort Audit Relief assists your practice  with the seasonal increase in medical record requests due to audits such as HEDIS and Medicare Risk Adjustment. 

Medical Forms Completion:

HealthPort Medical Forms Completion services lift the administrative burden and risk associated with processing medical forms such as disability, workers compensation, FMLA and more.