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Expediting Access to Your Clients’ Medical Information


When you request medical records on behalf of your clients, you need a prompt and complete response. For over 39 years, HealthPort has been the leading release of information provider to law firms nationwide.

HealthPortConnect™: Providing a Faster Turnaround Time


We can deliver your record requests in a paper format or electronically via HealthPortConnect, our web portal, that improves the way you track, view and pay for medical record requests. Its user-friendly interface enhances document tracking, provides real time updates on requests and ensures efficient turnaround of your requested medical records.

HealthPortConnect offers the following benefits:

  • Cost reduction (no postage via electronic delivery)
  • Beneficial for high volume requesters
  • View records and only print the ones you want to use
  • Get a safe and secure, password-protected environment

Find out more about HealthPortConnect here or subscribe to HealthPortConnect by completing this form.