Government Audit Solutions

Managing the influx of government audits from RACs, MACs, MICs, CERTs, PERMs, ZPICs and others is the new reality in healthcare today. In 2012, over $6.1 billion in Medicare payments* were targeted for audits. Revenue Cycle Managers and CFOs want to know how audits are impacting cash flow, budgets and capital projects.  There is also the added burden on staff to collect the information, track and manage deadlines, then track appeals. HIM managers are feeling the strain of hundreds of additional requests each year that must be fulfilled in short time frames. 

HealthPort absolutely understands the daily challenges associated with audit management, and we have developed three solutions to fit the needs of your facility: AudaPro®, HIHPro+™, and HIHPro™. Each offers a different level of audit management ranging from electronic submission to complete audit tracking and reporting. You have the flexibility to choose the level of technology and workflow you need to complement your audit process.

All of HealthPort’s solutions have the ability to send requests electronically via the CMS Electronic Submission of Medical Documentation (esMD) gateway

*Source: AHA. (October 2012). RACTRAC Survey