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  • New Mountain Capital and HealthPort-IOD Complete Acquisition of ECS, a Leading Medical Record Retrieval Company

    Sep 21, 2015
    NEW YORK, NY & ALPHARETTA, GA – New Mountain Capital and HealthPort-IOD today announced the acquisition of ECS, one of the leading providers of on-demand access to medical records and related services. The senior leadership team of ECS will remain in place and lead the record retrieval operations of the combined business.

    ECS, founded in 1999, utilizes its proprietary technology-enabled workflow tools to efficiently retrieve and deliver over four million medical charts each year and has access to over 65,000 provider sites nationwide. It has full geographic coverage with the ability to retrieve medical information in all 50 states. The acquisition of ECS brings increasingly automated capabilities for retrieving and delivering medical information into the product offering of HealthPort-IOD.

    “We welcome the founders, senior management, and employees of ECS to join us in building a large scale clinical data company focused on being the trusted intermediary for its clients. We have been very impressed with the business that the team has built, especially with respect to the speed, quality, and scale of its product and technology offerings. We look forward to working with the team as we integrate HealthPort, IOD and ECS into a large scale technology-enabled clinical information provider,” said Matt Holt, Chairman of the Board of the combined company and Managing Director of New Mountain. “ECS is a critical component of the clinical data company we are building. The company brings us the best medical record retrieval capability available in the market as well as a footprint of over 65,000 provider sites. The addition of ECS complements HealthPort-IOD’s existing offering and expands the combined company’s ability to provide secure access and delivery of medical information across the entire healthcare ecosystem.”

    “We are very excited to be part of this major company in the medical information sector and hope to provide even better and more comprehensive service to our customers,” said Tim Poehling, CEO of ECS. “Speaking for the entire management team of ECS, we are looking forward to working with New Mountain and the team at HealthPort-IOD. We see meaningful value in the combined business for both our customers and employees, which is a primary reason for the founders and senior team to stay significantly involved. We look forward to working with our customers and serving them with the enhanced services, capabilities, and tools now that we have additional resources to invest behind us.”

    The ECS transaction closed in September 2015.
  • A New Beginning: HealthPort and IOD Finalize Merger

    Jul 01, 2015

    Today both companies provide a high level of service and a broad set of solutions; however, the combination will facilitate greater innovation and increased service expertise to the provider and health plan market.  Our dedicated customer service and operations representatives will remain available. In the short term, customers will not notice any changes, but over time we will bring new products and services to the market to help facilitate the transformation of health information management and access in the post-EHR world.

    Mike Labedz, who was HealthPort’s CEO and president, is now the CEO of the combined company. George Abatjoglou, formerly the chief executive of IOD, is now president. They look forward to working with their colleagues to serve customers better and expand our business offerings in the months and years ahead.

  • Health Information Companies HealthPort And IOD Incorporated To Merge

    May 11, 2015

    Merger to create nation’s leading platform for secure clinical data solutions; positions company for continued innovation and growth

    ALPHARETTA, Ga. & GREEN BAY, Wis. – HealthPort and IOD today announced an agreement to merge, marking a milestone in the evolution of information services for the healthcare industry.

    The proposed merger, facilitated by an investment from New Mountain Capital, will create a new company with combined revenues of more than $450 million and 6,000 professionals serving approximately 18,000 healthcare facilities across the U.S. The combination will significantly benefit all constituents of the healthcare system, including patients, healthcare providers, managed care plans, law firms, government agencies and other entities that are increasingly utilizing clinical data.

    “Bringing together IOD and HealthPort will create the scale and resources to improve what we do today and help us accelerate innovation and serve customers in new ways,” said George Abatjoglou, CEO of IOD.

    “This merger combines the strengths and capabilities of two of the industry’s leaders, creating a wider selection of higher-quality clinical data services and a platform for growth,” added Mike Labedz, President and CEO of HealthPort.

     The transaction is expected to close in the second quarter of 2015, subject to customary regulatory approvals and closing conditions.

    Creation of large-scale clinical data platform
    The merger will create a leading provider of technology-enabled secure access solutions for confidential medical information and related services and technology. The combined company will be well positioned to create innovative insights and product offerings from widely dispersed clinical data. As medical records become fully digitized and changes in healthcare gain momentum, the company’s broad access to clinical data and its transformation capabilities will help customers create value.

    “The merger of HealthPort and IOD creates a new company that will lead the industry and set new standards by improving quality and efficiency for the healthcare system. We look forward to working with management to develop the strategy for an accelerated growth trajectory, including the application of technology and automation of core processes and the creation of value for customers on a large scale. We believe the company will play a critical role in the evolving healthcare technology landscape,” says Matt Holt, Managing Director of New Mountain.

    Continuity and improved service for current customers
    The combined company will continue to offer a full range of information services for healthcare providers, including:

    • Release-of-information (ROI) services and technology solutions
    • Audit management services and technology solutions
    • Government audit services and technology solutions
    • Clinical data coding and abstracting services
    • Document conversion services
    • Health information consulting and training

    Throughout the integration process, HealthPort and IOD will continue to provide their current solutions and service to customers. In the months ahead, the company will introduce new offerings to help customers meet challenges posed by the evolution of their electronic health records (EHR), meaningful use compliance, the impending ICD-10 transition, and evolving reimbursement models.

    About IOD Incorporated
    With more than 30 years’ experience in modernizing health information management, IOD unlocks data throughout the healthcare enterprise for on-demand delivery in actionable form. With a unifying, technology-driven solution set covering traditionally separated functions — release of information, coding, audit management, denial management and document management — IOD empowers healthcare enterprises with performance-improving information that crosses functional lines.

    About HealthPort
    HealthPort is a leading provider of medical information access management and compliance services to healthcare organizations. It partners with healthcare organizations to mitigate risk, improve financial performance, and increase requestor satisfaction by providing access to HealthPort Connex™, the largest, most secure distribution network and technology portal available for protected health information (PHI), as well as a HIPAA-trained staff backed by legal expertise.

    About New Mountain Capital
    New Mountain Capital is a New York-based investment firm that emphasizes business building and growth, rather than debt, as it pursues long-term capital appreciation. The firm currently manages private equity, public equity, and credit funds with over $15 billion in aggregate capital commitments. New Mountain seeks out what it believes to be the highest quality growth leaders in carefully selected industry sectors and then works intensively with management to build the value of these companies. For more information on New Mountain Capital, please visit

    Catherine H. Valyi
    Vice President, Marketing
    Phone: 770-360-1847 │ Fax: 770-459-3130

    IOD Incorporated
    Elisa Logan
    Vice President, Marketing
    Phone: 617-755-0495 │ Fax: 920-406-3739

  • HealthPort® Launches HealthPort Audit Relief

    Apr 14, 2015

    Relieving the Burden of Seasonal Health Plan Audits

    HealthPort®, the authority on the compliant exchange of protected health information (PHI) through the release of information services (ROI) and audit management technology, today announced the launch of HealthPort Audit Relief, a solution to assist providers with the seasonal increase in record requests due to health plan audits.

    Working as a conduit between the provider and health plan, HealthPort Audit Relief helps health plans access medical records quickly and securely while ensuring that providers’ release of information process remains compliant and expedient. HealthPort Audit Relief applies HealthPort’s technology to facilitate a secure electronic environment for plan requests and medical record delivery while providing workflow expertise that relieves providers from the burden of request fulfillment.

    “We protect our customers from the abrasion that may occur from faxes, phone calls and emails, while helping plans achieve record fulfillment goals,” says Catherine Valyi, HealthPort’s Vice President of Marketing. HealthPort’s electronic request and delivery is utilized to ensure that the turnaround times are reduced and accuracy is increased.

    “HealthPort serves as the “honest broker” between providers and health plans to reduce the natural friction that occurs,” says Brian Grazzini, Chief Financial Officer of HealthPort. HealthPort retrieves charts at over 13,500 clinics, group practices and hospitals nationwide. “We offer health plans complete automation of the request and direct delivery of medical records to drive efficiency. Providers can focus their resources elsewhere to improve patient satisfaction, while health plans receive records faster. Not only does automation speed the entire process, it protects patient PHI using HealthPort’s stringent security protocols and HIPAA standards,” says Grazzini.
  • Juggling RACs: Auditors Contend With Old RAC Program While Learning New Rules

    Apr 13, 2015
    Providers today are working in dual worlds. While still managing under the existing recovery audit contractor (RAC) system and statements of work (SOW), they also must simultaneously prepare for new contracts and new rules.

    The good news for providers is that upcoming proposed enhancements to the RAC program deliver hard-earned improvements and much-needed change from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

    This article overviews the status of current RAC activities while also exploring important process improvements within the new proposed program rules.

    Read the article

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