Q. Who is HealthPort® and what does HealthPort do?
HealthPort is a company contracted by healthcare facilities across the country to facilitate, process and fulfill medical record requests, also known as the release of information (ROI) process.

Q. How long will records take to process once a request is submitted to a facility?
A. Many factors determine how long the medical record request process at each individual facility will take. To check the status of a request, call HealthPort at 800-367-1500.

Q. What is the expected turnaround time to receive requested medical records after they are mailed?
A. Once the medical records are digitally captured and transmitted to our ROI processing center, they are automatically printed, packaged and mailed via the United States Postal Service or electronically provided within 48 to 72 hours. Please factor in an additional five to seven business days for the medical record to reach the designated address through the United States Postal Service.

Q. Why was I billed for requested medical records?
A. HealthPort provides a service on behalf of your facility to process and fulfill patient medical record requests. There is a state regulated fee associated with this service. If there is no statute or law in the state you reside in, HealthPort sets a reasonable fee for the service provided in accordance to HIPAA guidelines.

Q. Why are my medical records in GA?
A. Your medical record originates at the medical facility it was requested from. As part of the ROI services we provide for that facility, our staff digitally captured your medical records into our secure health information portal and transmitted the records to our release of information processing center in Atlanta, GA where the records are then processed in a hands-free environment and forwarded to you or another requester on your behalf.

Q. Why was I not notified that your company would be fulfilling and billing me for my medical record request?
A. HealthPort works on behalf of your healthcare facility. It is at the discretion of the individual facility to disclose the fact that we are performing these services for them and subsequently billing you for the request.

Q. Why did I receive an invoice or a letter stating something was wrong with my medical record request?
A. This type of situation will need to be reviewed. You can call HealthPort at 800-367-1500 for further assistance.

Q. I received an invoice from HealthPort for requested medical records. Where do I send payment?
A. Please send all payments to the REMITTANCE ADDRESS at the top left hand corner of your invoice. Payment can be accepted in the following forms:


Checks are also acceptable and should be made payable to HealthPort. You can also pay invoices online at www.healthportpay.com.

Q. Can I provide a partial payment for my requested medical records?
A. Partial payments can be sent via check. If you choose to pay online, you must pay the full amount of the invoice. Partial payments can be accepted and should be sent to the address on the top left hand corner of your invoice.

Q. Is there a fee to make invoice payments by phone through a HealthPort representative?
A. No. We do not charge a fee to process payments made directly through a HealthPort representative.

Q. What is the HealthPort tax ID number?
A. Our tax ID # is 58-2659941.

Q. How long after non-payment is an invoice considered past due before a collection agency is involved?
A. Depending on the specifics of the invoice, it can be forwarded to a collection agency as soon as six months after the original invoice date.

Q. How does HealthPort deliver my medical records?
A. HealthPort utilizes the United States Postal Service to deliver medical records. The United States Postal Service provides HealthPort with a confirmation when records are received by the local Post Office for delivery.

Q. Why does it take so long to receive medical records?
A. Medical records requests are handled in the order they are received at the medical facility. The time it takes to complete a request varies depending on the volume of requests currently at the facility.

If you have any questions about the service HealthPort provides on your facility’s behalf, or the bill you may receive as a result of your request for medical records, please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone at 800-367-1500.