Delivering Medical Records Electronically—a Critical Component of Patient Satisfaction
Your goal is to fulfill medical requests quickly and conveniently in a compliant manner. One way to do this is through accommodating the growing number of requests to deliver medical records electronically. This is essential for delivering top-notch customer service and meeting Meaningful Use requirements.

HealthPortConnect: Offering Convenient, Compliant Electronic Record Delivery
You want a dependable, easy-to-use, HIPAA-compliant method for delivering release of information requests electronically. That’s why we created HealthPortConnect, a web-based medical record request portal. HealthPortConnect is where requesters go to get the medical records they’ve requested electronically. This eDelivery functionality provides an increased level of service by allowing you to easily accommodate your patients’ requests. And, it makes the entire online release of information requests process compliant with HIPAA regulations.

In addition, the quick turnaround time of HealthPortConnect helps ensure you will meet the Meaningful Use core requirement of responding to a record request within 3 business days and providing requests electronically if indicated by the requester.

Here are some of the popular benefits of HealthPortConnect:

  • The portal offers immediate access to medical records
  • Records processed are easily accessible in hours—not days
  • Our technology meets—and exceeds—HIPAA security guidelines
  • Getting started is quick and easy
  • HealthPortConnect can store documents or it enables easy download to your document repository
  • No postage for online release of information requests means a cost reduction
  • It’s beneficial for large volume requesters
  • View records and only print the ones you want to use
  • Get a safe and secure, password-protected environment

Ready to get started and find out more about HealthPortConnect? Call one of our knowledgeable HealthPort sales representatives today at 800-367-1500.

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