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 Case Studies

Title Type Author Date Size Tags
Midwest Orthopaedic Case Study .pdf April 10, 2014 126.08 KB Download
Lee Memorial Health Case Study .pdf January 13, 2014 14.89 MB Download
Halifax ROI Case Study .pdf March 02, 2012 52.43 KB Download
Spartanburg ROI Case Study .pdf March 02, 2012 49.51 KB Download
Florida Hospital ROI Case Study .pdf July 13, 2011 55.86 KB Download


Title Type Author Date Size Tags
8 Steps to Mastering the Audit Process .pdf March 05, 2014 3.56 MB Download

 Info Sheets

Title Type Author Date Size Tags
HealthPort AudaPro Overview .pdf July 13, 2011 1.64 MB Download
Remote ROI .pdf August 05, 2011 1.04 MB Download
ROI Audit Relief .pdf March 28, 2014 1.36 MB Download
HealthPort and ICD-10 .pdf July 13, 2011 143.46 KB Download
Government Audit Solutions Overview .pdf January 31, 2013 1.70 MB Download
HIHPro+ Overview .pdf February 01, 2013 725.27 KB Download
HIHPro Overview 2013 .pdf February 04, 2013 1.61 MB Download
HealthPort Pillars of Excellence .pdf January 29, 2014 557.95 KB Download
HealthPort University .pdf July 28, 2011 516.18 KB Download
HealthPort Best in Class .pdf July 13, 2011 516.29 KB Download
HealthPort eDelivery .pdf March 02, 2012 628.02 KB Download
ROI Seven Reasons to Outsource .pdf July 13, 2011 860.27 KB Download
ROI Overview .pdf July 13, 2011 1.15 MB Download
ROI Comprehensive Overview .pdf March 09, 2012 767.64 KB Download
HealthPort Connect .pdf July 13, 2011 470.69 KB Download
ROI Partner .pdf July 13, 2011 551.99 KB Download
Meaningful Use Summary .pdf July 13, 2011 113.73 KB Download
Medical Forms Completion .pdf July 13, 2011 432.92 KB Download
ROI 32 Steps to Fulfill a Request .pdf July 13, 2011 464.88 KB Download
ROI Frequently Asked Questions .pdf July 13, 2011 572.28 KB Download
Social Security Administration .pdf July 13, 2011 99.73 KB Download


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  White Papers

Please click on the links below to download our informative white papers:

HealthPort Disaster Recovery Plan

Top Ten Risks for HIM Professionals

Compliance Issues and Physician Practices

Meaningful Use and Release of Information

ROI and EHR Interface

Remote ROI: The Next Step In Secure and Compliant Exchange of PHI

Understanding The Financial Impact of a Health Data Breach

HealthPort AudaPro: Technical Platform and Data Import Options

Release of Information: What You Don't Know Will Cost You - Hospitals

Release of Information: What You Don't Know Will Cost You - Clinics

EHR and ROI: Choosing the Best Combination of Technology

8 Steps to Mastering the Audit Process

System and Technology Integrity - Achieving Best in Class IT Capabilities

Release of Information - The Foundation for Financial Success with RACs and Other Audits

Automated ROI: A Compliant and Expedient Way to Manage Release of Information

Release of Information: Opening New Doors and Demanding New Options


  1. Health Systems: Centralized ROI Process
    .pdf file (2.72 MB)
    May 09, 2012
  2. The HealthPort Advantage for Physician Practices and Clinics
    .pdf file (1.54 MB)
    March 09, 2012
  3. The HealthPort Advantage for Hospitals
    .pdf file (2.39 MB)
    March 09, 2012
  4. Corporate Brochure
    .pdf file (701.33 KB)
    March 09, 2012