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  • Going Forward with HIPAA Omnibus

    February 03, 2014

    With the arrival of the HIPAA Omnibus Rule in early 2013, audits are on the horizon and a penalty structure has been outlined. In the Bloomberg BNA: Health IT Law and Industry Report, Rita Bowen discusses the three key issues that covered entities (CEs) and their business associates (BAs) must continue to manage and monitor in 2014.

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  • RAC Dollars at Risk: Enhance Your Chances

    November 14, 2013

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  • HIPAA Compliance Deadline for Enforcement is Rapidly Approaching ─ Are You Prepared?

    September 18, 2013

    Rita Bowen was quoted in ADVANCE Privacy Points this month and discussed the upcoming September 23 deadline for Enforcement Rules go into effect for HIPAA compliance updates announced in January of this year. Rita addresses Accounting of Disclosures, best practices on how to prepare for AOD laws in the future and implementing technology that segregates access to data by role, reducing "touches" to electronic files.

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  • What You Need to Tell Your Business Associates

    August 27, 2013

    Rita Bowen was recently quoted in HCPRO.COM outlining the latest HIPAA omnibus rule changes and discussing how it relates to business associates (BAs) and covered entities (CEs). Protecting patient data is now a shared responsibility and compliance agreements need to be established by CEs and BAs.

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  • RAC Appeals: Should You Bother?

    July 18, 2013

    This month, Dawn Crump was quoted in the July issue of For the Record discussing the low number of RAC appeals from hospitals, despite the relatively high success rate. Why aren’t more organizations taking advantage of the appeals process? Would the ability to submit appeals electronically result in more filings? Most importantly, what can hospitals do to ensure valuable dollars aren’t slipping through the cracks?

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