HealthPort Service: Committed to Exceeding Your Release of Information Needs

Protecting revenue, maintaining compliance standards, increasing efficiencies and streamlining business processes are ongoing challenges in the health information management and physician practices arena. HealthPort addresses these challenges through superior service, by ensuring that your revenue is protected, reducing your risk of breaches, and maintaining compliance standards.

HealthPort’s ultimate goal is to provide the highest quality and most customer-friendly release of information service possible. Our service includes several components:

  • Scalable, flexible solutions designed to meet your changing needs, including a fully outsourced and ROI Partner
  • Ability to work in a paper, hybrid or electronic health record (EHR) environment
  • Localized management structure that includes 250+ management personnel deployed nationwide to ensure personal service on an ongoing basis
  • 3000+ HIPAA trained and certified release of information specialists that provide rapid turnaround of requests with the highest levels of knowledge and security
  • In-house legal and compliance team that actively participates in state and federal legislative and lobbying initiatives to support our customers’ interests by advocating for them in governmental arenas
  • Efficient and timely services enabled by our centralized processing and distribution center
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