HIPAA Compliance

Protecting the Confidentiality and Security of Your Patients

As a result of the current electronic and regulatory environment, your success depends on ensuring the confidentiality and security of the patient data you handle every day. Over the years, the government has gotten serious about HIPAA and most recently its HITECH amendments. If there is any area in either law in which you or your staff are not 100% compliant, it’s essential you find a way to get there. 

Release of information, in particular, is an area of critical focus as organizations seek to minimize risk, maintain productivity and sustain compliance. That’s why HealthPort is committed to making sure it remains on the forefront of HIPAA news, rules and trends.

Committed to 100% HIPAA Compliance

Our business depends on ensuring the confidentiality and security of patient records and the data we handle. We guarantee our advanced technology meets or exceeds the regulations set forth by HIPAA. HealthPort’s services and technology allow healthcare facilities to focus on their core competency: maximizing patient safety and satisfaction. 

We have implemented one of the most comprehensive HIPAA and compliance processes of any provider. Operating at this thorough level has made us the recognized authority on the compliant exchange of protected health information (PHI).

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